Tax consulting

Comprehensive tax and accounting services

Providing comprehensive advice to companies in Greece and abroad requires specialized accounting and tax knowledge. For this reason, our law firm works with companies operating in financial-accounting and advisory services.


 Our challenge is to adapt an already proven business model to the specific requirements and to successfully implement due to specialized professionals such as lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, auditors, etc., to ensure excellent cooperation between parent company and its Greek subsidiary (branch) to operate smoothly within the framework of tax and accounting issues. In addition to linguistic requirements, such challenges require a basic understanding of business practice and the expectations of foreign companies, a deep understanding of accounting standards used internationally, and effective, timely and reliable communication.

 Our office collaborates with people with long experience in foreign companies and excellent knowledge in tax and accounting matters, both in the field of national and international tax law.


Our tax advisors and accountants are fluent in English, Greek, French and German . They are characterized by their long-term cooperation with foreign companies and their experience in tax and accounting issues, both in the field of national and international tax law. Our main focus areas are:

1. Accounting

• Comprehensive accounting services

• Organization and monitoring of internal company accounting

• Preparation of financial statements in accordance with the requirements of the management

• Preparation and filing of VAT and income tax returns

• Preparation and filing of financial statements

• Preparing and filing of other tax returns

• Payroll services

• Preparation and filing of periodic statements

• Preparation and filing of periodic and annual VAT returns

• Preparation and submission of Intrastat statements

• Preparation and submission of VAT-refund applications

• Reporting

• Annual balance sheets

• Tax registration of companies

• Liquidation of companies

2. Tax consulting

• Advice regarding the taxation of businesses and companies

• tax compliance

• optimum adaptation of the company form based on its scope

• Advice on the tax structure of mergers and acquisitions of companies

• Examination of the tax liability of foreign companies with branch or subsidiary in Greece

• Examination of the tax relevance of parents of Greek companies that are resident in another EU country

• Advice regarding tax benefits of foreign companies as shareholders of Greek companies

• Tax planning and tax optimization

• Tax audits



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