Real Estate

As real estate development flourished in pre-crisis Greece, real estate legal practitioners had to use “old tools” innovatively to provide answers to new challenges. 

Our law office, the experience of our real estate associates and the whole legal grid around them, was one of the leaders in it, offering us some of the most important transactions of these years.


We support our principals at every step of the transfer of a property, whether it is an urban property or a property that is going to be a business or vacation property.

In particular, we perform property title checks in any land registry or land registry office in Greece, informing our client in writing of the results of the audit.


We work with notaries to prepare the transfer, pre-contract, final contract for the sale of real estate, as well as the registration of the property in the land registry or cadastre.


Also, if buyers are not Greek, we assume their tax representation, tax identification number, special permits, residence permits or visas, as well as any necessary public service or private document.


We support our principals either in obtaining financing, any action necessary to impose guarantees, or in eliminating existing real estate guarantees of interest to them.


We are actively involved in negotiations between seller and purchaser, in legal support, if necessary, and we represent our principals in all kinds of property related cases that are of interest to the Greek courts, facing problems with land, real estate, and inheritance law.


Greece is a holiday and tourism country, with the result that Greek properties were presented and presented with a lot of opportunities especially today for both Europeans and third-country nationals, especially coastal or island real estate.


Our office supports legally, in a systematic and highly professional manner, the acquisition or sale of such properties.


We also support the rental of real estate, residential, business or tourist purposes, but at the same time we manage each property professionally, with specialized consultants or engineers or special crews, especially when the owners are outside Greece and there are big or small problems.


In addition to contracts for the letting of property, there are many issues arising from lease agreements, especially in courts, which we are able to handle with the best prospects for success for our principals.



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