Property / Land Law

Our continuous and constant occupation with the estate for more than fifteen years ensures the best approach to cases related both to acquisition or transfer of estate and profitable asset management.

We have established a complete network of associates including, notaries public, civil engineers, surveyors, estimators, estate agents e.t.c. and we constantly update information around new legislative adjustments. Thus, our office is a leader in the estate law, providing complete legal services to our clients (individual or business entities or local authorities), including both legal advise and contract conclusion.

Ιndicatively, we provide services of title (deed) search in the Mortgage Office, issuance of written affirmations requested by banks and organizations, negotiation of loan’s terms with the banks, preparation and client representation at the signing of the contract, recording and removing liens, mortgages etc, correcting estate record mistakes, preparing of contracts representing either the constructor or the land owner. We also provide specialized and specific suggestions and advice in cases of eminent domain and zoning (street plans) by inspecting all relevant documentation of the competent Zoning Service offices around the country.


The close monitoring of the estate market and our specialization to the new taxation practices in real estate, makes us able to provide our clients with the correct advice and guidance for the most beneficial utilization of their estate, giving great emphasis at the protection of the property and the rights stemming out of it.


Consequently, we provide complete services of estate management, negotiation and preparation of contracts, collection of lease payments, and settlement of tax obligations related to estate. We also take all legal steps for the collection of delayed lease payments and for the landlord representation at all stages. Finally we can support all kinds of estate litigation including estate claims, possession actions, zoning violations, arbitrary constructions e.t.c.


In the current difficult era, it is our priority and our greatest responsibility to protect all citizens’ real estate rights against all possible violations.



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