Crime Law

Our office’s multi-annual presence in the criminal courts throughout the country is marked by our clients’ trust who assigned to us their serious criminal cases, many of which determined their future.


A Lawyer’s role in the criminal courts has become nowadays of greater importance as the risk of violation of the right to a fair trial is present in a daily basis often leaving our fellow citizens helpless before the criminal Judge, incapable of supporting their rights with a decent presence. The legislative framework, in periods of severe political, social and economic crisis, is adjusted rapidly, whereas the case law is enriched and transformed in a special way, sometimes obtaining a tough, undisciplined and punitive character.


Regarding the above, the presence of an experienced Lawyer, with the support of a fully organized and contemporary law office, becomes determinant for anyone who is confronted with the State for crimes against life, property and estate.


In addition, our office, except for the representation of our client in every stage of the criminal trial, undertakes the drawing of criminal documents/ applications (lawsuits/complaints, appeals against indictments, objections, independent claims, statements, written explanations, requests for waiving or replacing the detention and the restraining orders, suspension requests etc). We also have extended experience in procedural issues of the criminal law, the study of proceedings, issues of compliance with a judgment of the Court and generally in everything around the pre-litigation stage of the criminal procedure and the acid presence before the public prosecutors and the investigating authorities.



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